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About Us



We both come from big, fun-loving families, and to us “Big Family” means lots of laughter and tears.  Our parents always wanted the best for their kids.  Our parents worked hard and they weren’t afraid to go without themselves to make that happen for us kids.  Working 6 days a week was the norm.  This instilled in us that you have to work hard at something that’s important and though it won’t always be easy, “don’t sweat it, it’ll work out.”

We are proud of where we have come from and how our company was named.  Just like my father, my nickname is Ed Stack.   My Dad’s favorite number was 9 because he said all the ‘great’ athletes wore it.  And as a tradition, my brother, sisters and myself all wore #9 whenever we played sports.

Linda is a hard working, organized, take-charge individual.  If you need a little direction, want a certain flow and ease to your day, Linda is here! Eddy is laid-back, fun and easy-going.  He wants to crack a joke and make you smile, but if he gets quiet–no worries–he’s just thinking about how to create a unique image.  We balance each other out as husband and wife team that IS Stack 9.

We believe nothing triggers a memory like a photo.  We want your images to take you back to the one of the best days of your lives – and we take pride in that.  It’s important to us.