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Renee & Jeff – Engaged!!!

Renee and Jeff had just moved to Jamestown so that is where we started their “get to know you” session.  They have a beautiful Alaskan Klee Kai named Maui that is really like their first child!  So, of course we took several photos of Maui while we strolled along Beavertail, Jamestown. We had an absolutely gorgeous day!  We then stopped at a great little farm before heading to their home to change and head over to Castle Hill, Newport.  Once at Castle Hill we decided to hold out for the sunset and then finished the night with a few more casual photos in downtown Newport!  Renee and Jeff are really so cute together and we are very excited for their October Wedding that will be held at The Towers in Narragansett!

Maui is such a beautiful dog!!

I love this series!  They really are so cute and so in love with each other!

Renee and Jeff have these huge rhododendrons at the front of their home that were in full bloom!  They made for a beautiful photo!

The light at Castle Hill was really fantastic!!

You would never know it in these photos but we found out that Renee is a little afraid of heights, especially when climbing rocks in heels!  But she was a trooper and still looked stunning in every photo!  Thanks for being brave Renee!

Jeff and Renee have a funny story about the proposal!  Jeff’s “plan” was to have Renee find a “random” bottle with a note inside asking her to marry him…well, the plan got a little off track so Jeff had to resort to a plan B but she still said YES!  A few days after he proposed he did find the bottle so they brought it along so we could take a few photos!

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